MTP Infusion Pump

Model 1001a

IV infusion pumps are medical devices that allow health care providers  to regulate the amount of fluids or medication to be delivered to a patient over a specified time frame.  Fluids and/or medication are delivered to the patient through plastic tubing, and are connected to an IV catheter.  The IV catheter is a small plastic tube that is inserted into the patient’s vein peripherally or centrally.  It is critical that the medication and infusion rate is set when using an IV pump to ensure that the patient receives the proper amount of fluid and/or medication.

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  • MICRO and MACRO Volume Infusion Pump
  • Digital Rate and Volume Switches – “easily adjusted even while wearing gloves” (gloved hand, manipulation of controls)
  • Door Lock – “lock on the door can be easily secured” (gloved hand)
  • Transport Handle – Ease of transport handle aids in transporting the pump
  • Soft Carrying Case – aids in transporting the pump
  • Adjustable Clamp – Horizontal and Vertical Mounting Capabilities – good mounting capabilities
  • Clamp Quick Disconnect – “easily moved from response vehicle to patient”
  • Easy to Remove power cord, positive feature
  • DC power source
  • Aeronautical Aluminum Case – Very Durable “Drop test Winner”, very durable,
  • Shock Proof Electronic Mounting – Primary circuit board shock mounted, electrical wire contacts gold plated, Very Durable “Drop Test Winner”
  • Self-explanatory labeling – Abbreviated operating instructions on the side of pump
  • Highly Visible LED Display – ¾ inch Red LED Display
  • Recharge time for a completely discharged battery: 100% – 24 hrs. / 75% – 18 hrs.
  • Operates for up to 8 hours on its rechargeable battery


  • Extremely simple and intuitive to use
  • Small, lightweight, and portable
  • Reliable operation in any position, even with fluid container above, below or on the same level
  • Durable all-weather system
  • Pump operates quietly
  • Easily wiped down, washed, and scrubbed
  • Easily adjusted even while wearing gloves
  • Self-explanatory labeling
  •  Lowest cost of ownership
  • Precise control of pumping mechanism by pump INTEL® microcomputer provides for accurate and continuous infusion – no bolusing effect
  • Enables the clinician to infuse all types of solutions