Trusted Since 1982

Medical Technology Products, Inc., designs, develops and manufactures robust and user friendly volumetric intravenous infusion pumps, used by all sectors in the medical transport community.
For 30 years MTP has been a leader in providing the most Rugged and Reliable Infusion Pumps to the Emergency Medical Services Community.

MTP infusion pumps incorporate unique continuous positive pressure technology and do not require an IV solution bag to be hung directly above the pump (a necessity for all traditional hospital infusion pumps). They can even operate upside down. This feature enables the MTP® to function in aircraft and helicopters when the aircraft is rapidly ascending, banking on a sharp turn, or rapidly descending, normal helicopter maneuvers. No other infusion pump can do this. With the positive pressure of the pump, altitude is not a problem.

The MTP® Infusion pump’s rugged design is ideal for alternate site care and transportation environments.  The pump withstands shock and vibrations delivering a distinct advantage over traditional hospital pumps.  This reduces operations and maintenance expense.